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Ilex aquifoliumEnglish Holly has bright green, glossy foliage adorned with brilliant berries. This is the holly that is most often desired for holiday decorations and is commonly replicated in pictures.

  • Holly loves organic, acidic soil. To increase the acidity of the soil, there are several options.
  • Ammonium sulfate will lower the pH immediately, however it also raises the nitrogen levels, and too much nitrogen reduces berry production.

Steps for Planting Holly:

  • Dig a hole that is approximately twice as large as the pot of the holly plant.
  • Carefully remove the plant from its original container. Be careful not to disturb the roots.
  • Place the root ball into the hole, keeping it at the same depth as it was in the original container.
  • Fill in with removed soil and pat to firm.
  • Water thoroughly immediately after planting.
  • Adding mulch around the base of the plant will help to retain moisture and keep weeds away.
  • Fertilize regularly with Holly Tone following the guidelines on the package.
  • Continue to water regularly to moisten the soil when it becomes dry, but never water so much that the ground becomes soggy. Once holly is established, it can tolerate a certain level of drought, so be careful not to overwater.
  • Weed the area regularly so your plants can get the maximum nutrients and water from the soil.
  • Prune each spring to keep the plant shapely and under control.

150 Holly Evergreen 2-3ft Potted